The Essex County Historical Society is pleased to offer the following local publications:


Unholy City

By Patrick Brode


The Patriot War of 1838

By Sandy Antal

Richardson Book

Richardson’s War of 1812

By John Richardson

A first-hand account of the War of 1812
By the late John Richardson, K.S.F.
Canada’s first novelist.
Including notes by Alexander Casselman
Foreword by award-winning author Sandy Antal
Illustrated with maps, drawings, and color images
by acclaimed artist Peter Rindlisbacher.


The Windsor Border Region: Canada’s Southernmost Frontier

by Ernest J. Lajeunesse,C.S.B.

Soft-cover, 528 pages, illustrated (images & maps), bibliographical references, index, English with some French; Dimensions: 7.5 x 10 inches; red cover with colour image, perfect bound. ISBN 978-0-9867033-1-7

This new edition is an unabridged reprint of the original text and illustrations with larger print and a new preface with biography and previously unpublished images.


INVASIONS: Taking and Retaking Detroit and the Western District during the War of 1812 and its Aftermath

by Sandy Antal
illustrations by P. Rindlisbacher
ISBN 978-0-986-7033-3-1

In June of 1812, the United States declared war on Great Britain and her colonies in British North America. Britain was busy already in its war with Napoleon and France, so victory was claimed to be a mere matter of marching through Upper Canada (now Ontario) — but it was not!

Most Accounts of the War of 1812 through 1814 recognize the strategic significance of events on the Detroit River Frontier.


Heritage along the Detroit River: An International Heritage River of Canada

by Dr Trevor Price

Revised Second Edition
Occassional Paper No. 7. Soft-cover, 113 pages, illustrated (photos & maps), bibliographical references, appendices, index, English with some French; Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches (22 x 28 cm); white cover with multi-colour images, perfect bound. ISBN 978-0-9867033-2-4

Newly Revised, this book is a complete historical chronicle of people living on the strait between Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie — including native peoples, French settlement, British takeover, American invasion and Canadian occupation — and their use of resources, industry, transportation, education and culture


Contested Public Property in the Detroit River Region after the British Conquest: The French Commons

by Guillaume Teasdale, PhD

SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellow
University of Ottawa

Free PDF Download: Contested Public Property in the Detroit River Region

Heritage Matters: Understanding the French experience in Ontario

by Heritage Trust

Free PDF Download: Heritage Matters

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